What to do if Covid ruins your wedding plans

We all know it by now – the C-word! It’s been around for a while and continues to make planning a wedding difficult for many couples. Trust me, I’ve seen it all. So what to do if Covid ruins your wedding plans? This is why I’ve written this blog post! If you’re getting hitched in 2022, let this be your guide on what to do if Covid restrictions kick back in and you’re forced to make changes to your initial wedding plans.

1. Narrow down your guest list

Sometimes restrictions may force you to have less guests at your wedding. This doesn’t have to be all negative though! Was there an aunty you didn’t want to invite anyways? Well, here’s the perfect excuse to only have your absolutely favourite people share your big day! Think positive vibes!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when culling your guest list:

  • When was the last time we saw this person?
  • Do we know each guest? As nice as a +1 can be, when narrowing down your guest list, you might want to politely ask your cousin not to bring his new partner.
  • Do we genuinely want this person to be there? Or are you inviting them out of guilt, because they invited you? Or because they’re a colleague from work?
  • Do we want kids at our wedding? It is totally okay to say No to this. In the end, it is your day. Plus it gives your friends the chance to have a night out by themselves!
  • Does it spark joy? Make sure you only have people there you’re excited to see!

If you want to explore this topic in more detail, including how to break it to your guests that you might have to un-invite them, wedshed has written a really helpful article. Simply click here to read it.

2. Find ways to include those who can’t make it

The brutal reality is, Covid ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. If the only thing keeping you from your dream wedding is family or guests being stuck in different states or countries, consider creative ways to involve them still. Here are a few of my favourite ideas:

  • Livestream your ceremony.
  • Facetime/ Video call your loved ones.
  • Have a photographer and videographer capture beautiful footage of your day that you can later on share with those who couldn’t be there.
  • Include gifts and jewellery. Wear your grandma’s rings or let your family send you letters that you can read to each other in a private moment.

3. Elope

If you just want to finally tie the knot, this might be the option for you! In the end, a wedding is about the two of you and the love you have for each other. And eloping celebrates exactly that. Whilst traditionally it was only about the couple, eloping nowadays can totally include a small number of your closest friends and family.

It gives you the rad opportunity to literally get hitched wherever, whenever. And it could also mean that you save a little money that you can spend on something that’s really important to you, e.g. a fun activity, honeymoon, a bigger photography or videography package, an amazing airbnb or that dress you’ve always wanted.

4. Reschedule

If eloping is just not your jam and restrictions are not working in your favour, your only option might be to reschedule. Here are some things to keep in mind when postponing your wedding:

  • List all alternative dates. Your first point of call might be your venue and their availability. Try to list about 3-5 dates and, as tempting as it may be, check with your other vendors before locking anything in. Otherwise, you might risk forfeiting deposits if you choose a date that no one is available for.
  • Use an online scheduling tool like Doodle or create a colour-coded Excel spreadsheet and share it in Google Drive. That way you avoid messaging back and forth with each vendor.
  • Consider a weekday. With the massive backlog of weddings since 2020, many vendor’s weekends are almost full. You have a much higher chance of gathering all your favourite vendors on a weekday. Plus it gives your guest a great excuse to take a day off!

Wanting to find out more about how to reschedule your wedding? Check out this blog post.

5. Split your day into two

The best of both worlds – elope on your initial date and schedule for a celebration with all your guests down the track. This can be a few months later or you could even wait a year and do a vow renewal in front of all your loved ones. Either way, it is a great excuse for you to get to wear your dress twice, or even buy two dresses!? I ain’t judging.

This is also a perfect idea for all couples who are seeking an adventurous or intimate ceremony, but don’t want to miss out on a big party. Especially for International couples, this can be the solution if you can’t have both families there for your wedding day. Elope, get some beautiful photos and videos to share with everyone at home and then have a reception in each country.

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