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How to plan your wedding timeline

If you’re in the early stages of your wedding planning process, you might ask yourself how to plan your wedding timeline. During the past years of photographing weddings all over Australia, I have gained helpful insights into how different days unfold during different seasons and in different locations. It’s a crucial part of your day […]

Should we do a First Look?

What is a First Look? The First Look is a unique way of celebrating the moment that you see each other for the first time in your wedding attire. It takes place before the ceremony and the setting can be anywhere, ranging from a forest behind your town, an alleyway by your chapel or even […]

The Best Bendigo Wedding Venues

When I first started wedding photography, I went online to check out all the venues in the Bendigo area. And to be honest, what I found was, well… underwhelming. I couldn’t find a single post or site that provided a thorough overview on each location, including detailed information such as outstanding features, packages and a […]

Bendigo Botanic Gardens Wedding

A selection of photographs showing Jannah and Tommy’s traditional wedding at the Bendigo Botanic Gardens and St. Killian’s Hall.