Pine Forest Couple Session

Jasmine and Hugh actually did a family session with me before their couple photos at a pine forest in Bendigo. If you’re new to my business and website you might be thinking, ‘hang on, I’ve only ever seen weddings and couple sessions on here’. And that’s right! But I initially started my business in 2019 doing family photography. And over the first 12 months I moved into weddings more and more and now mainly book those. I still enjoy doing some family sessions from time to time though. You can head over to Slept in Daisies Photography, if you’re looking to have some memorable photos taken of your tribe.

Anyways, back to today’s blog post! After discussing options for locations around Bendigo, we decided to opt for a sunset session in a beautiful pine forest right next to a lake. It was cloudy for most of the day, but we got lucky and the sky broke up just in time to create the most amazing light through the pine trees. The whole atmosphere was breathtaking and all the brown pine needles on the ground seemed to bounce off the light and create a warm shimmer in this little oasis amongst the trees. On our way out we also discovered some cracks in the ground, where the lake water had once been but since we had a few hot days. It was all dried out and the dirt created some unique patterns. Of course we had to stop to get some shots there too!

What I loved about this session so much, was that Jasmine and Hugh committed to spending this evening hanging out and having a fun time together, even though they had been married for years and now had a little boy. This is what I am all about. Embrace your love, give it the time and space and attention and most importantly, never forget to create a space for yourself that is still only yours. We tend to forget about this in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but at the end, it all started with two people falling in love. And a photoshoot is a great idea for any couple to consciously connect and make some amazing memories together.

Anyways, I’ll now let pictures speak for themselves and hope they transport a little of the magic we got to experience that night. Looking for some more couple content? Check out Laura and Mike’s engagement session on their property in Faraday.

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